Honda CG125 1981 (OG)

Honda CG125 1981 BHCC (OG)

Make Honda

Year 1981

Model CG125

Name OG

Project description

Being our first BHCC bike we wanted it to resonate with our brand name and go black to black. To keep things very simple, lightweight and stream line, we decided to strip the bike down to the frame and get rid of all the unnecessary heavy parts i.e.: battery box air filter side panels.

We choose the cg125 as we knew it was a strong and reliable engine.

Once we had the back end chopped and the lugs cut off we welded a flat curved loop to the back and had it powder coated black.

Hours then were spent building the front and rear mud guards and battery box to hide most elections away.

Being a 125 this was most likely to be bought by a fairly new rider so we thought this through and designed using a 3d printer a warning light box that would fit nicely under the speedometer to tell when neutral light, indicators and lights were on.

A light weight bike to make everyday riding fun for the new rider.