Honda CB550 Four Cylinder

Honda CB550 Four Cylinder (The Blood Pigeon)

Make Honda

Year 1977

Model CB550

BHCC Model The Blood Pigeon

Project description

The bike was stripped down to the bare bones – the frame has been substantially fabricated to provide a raw simplicity to the build and manipulated to receive the much favoured aggressive Classic TT tyres and battery box – which was resized to keep all the original electrics, except the battery. This was exchanged for a Gel Battery to provide more options regarding positioning. We decided to keep the original electrics ie regulator/rectifier, solenoid and harness  to keep it simple and to allow the original electric start to remain.

The uplifted rear loop was much favoured and gave the bike stance. It also allowed the rear mudguard to be raised for rear wheel clearance. A chopped front mudguard to keep things legal was wrapped around the front tyre.

The engine was running well before the build, and with good compression, but we decided to give it a full service. This included new points, plugs, new Oil filter, fresh oil. new inlet manifold rubbers, new points cover and all brake lines upgraded to armoured stainless steel.

Carbs completely cleaned and blown through. Both pilot and main jets were replaced to allow for the ‘four into one’ exhaust system. The carbs were finally synchronised and the heart of the beast purrs like a kitten – or should I say a Lion!

The tank was rubbed down to raw steel. This gives the bike a stunning classic look.

User electrics include LED lights which are used to indicate oil, lights indicators and neutral position.

Tracker style handle bars complemented with Biltwell grips A large shiney chrome headlight has been lowered a few mm’s and is held in place with new adjustable brackets. A brand new speedo and Rev counter is perfectly balanced below the ignition barrel.

To wrap it up – the wheels have both been powder coated and wearing TT classic Tyres and new tubes.

The seat was always going to be a trial and error part of the build, as so many didn’t provide the rider comfort or the correct blend with the frame and rear loop. We cashed in for a custom build seat, that we could not be more pleased with, a big thumbs up! and thanks to Hucks Upholstery, Herts.

This bike comes with a year MOT

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